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Fishing Swivels
   Barrel swivel
   Rolling swivel: Polished, Nickel
   & Black Plated

   Crane swivel: Polished, Nickel &
   Black Plated, Typical Style

   Crane swivel: Polished, Nickel &
   Black Plated,McMahon(American)

   Leaded swivel: Stainless Steel
   Shaft Nickeled eye or S/S eye

   Leaf swivel: Nickel Plated
   BL swivel : Nickel Plated S/S wire
   Heavy duty swivel: Polished, Nickel
   & Black Plated

   Branch swivel: Nickel & Black Plated
   Box swivel: Nickel Plated
   3-way swivel : Polished, Nickel
   & Black Plated

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Monofilament Main & Branch line
Tuna hooks
Fishing Swivels
Light stick
Sea & Strobe Light
Longline Fishing Gears & Accossories
Commercial Fishing Equipment
Squid Fishing System & Equipment
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* The strongest swivels by choosing high quality & standard thickness brass wire material.
- SIZE : 6/0 - 1/0, 1 - 20