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Synthetic Ropes
   Tarred main line & branch line rope
   Red resin treated branch line rope

Hook Tubs
Wire in Stainless Steel
Sanp & Branch Hangers
   Snap A-type American style
   Branch hanger L-type Japanese style

Sleeves & Crimps
   Aluminum sleeves in single & double
   Copper sleeves in single & double

Crimpers, Tools & Cutters
   Bench type crimper
   Hand helder crimper
   Mini hand swager
   Scissors mono cutter
   Wire cutter

Tuna Floats & Buoy
   Plastic float
   Buoy light
   Foam bullet Buoy

Electronic Devices
   Radio buoy & Sel-call buoy

Longline Accessories
   Luminous bead, Course, Heart
   Light sleeve, Hook protector,
    Armour & Kanseki spring

   Lumunous tube, Clear tube & burner

Frozen Tuna Bait & Artificial Lures
   Argentine illex w/r frozen squid bait
   Frozen pacific saury tuna bait
   Octopus bait
   Luminous squid lure
   Color squid lure

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Monofilament Main & Branch line
Tuna hooks
Fishing Swivels
Light stick
Sea & Strobe Light
Longline Fishing Gears & Accossories
Commercial Fishing Equipment
Squid Fishing System & Equipment
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Copper sleeves are ideal for use with stainless steel wire from 1.00mm to 4.00mm.
Available in nickel plate and black chrome finish.


3 2.0Ąż4.2Ąż11mm 1000 990g
4 1.9Ąż3.9Ąż11mm 1000 810g
5 1.7Ąż3.0Ąż10mm 1000 600g
6 1.5Ąż2.7Ąż10mm 1000 580g
7 1.3Ąż2.4Ąż10mm 1000 510g


4.5 4.5Ąż9.5Ąż17mm 500 1315g
4.0 4.0Ąż8.5Ąż17mm 500 1110g
3.5 3.5Ąż8.3Ąż17mm 500 1000g
3.4 3.4Ąż7.4Ąż17mm 500 945g
3.2 3.2Ąż6.9Ąż17mm 500 900g
5A 2.6Ąż6.0Ąż15mm 500 730g
4A 2.5Ąż5.3Ąż15mm 500 575g
4 2.2Ąż4.3Ąż15mm 500 480g
4S 2.0Ąż4.3Ąż15mm 500 515g
3A 1.6Ąż3.4Ąż12mm 500 290g
3 1.5Ąż3.9Ąż12mm 500 245g
2 1.2Ąż3.0Ąż6mm 1000 185g