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Squid Jigs
   Pick luminous jig
   Pick jig
   Soft luminous jig
   Soft jig
   Manual squid jig

Squid jigging Machine
   Squid reeling machine
   Centralized controller
   Spare parts for maintenance

Squid Fishing Equipment
   Metal halide lamps
   Ballasts for metal halide lamps
   Front roller
   Iron sinker
   Reeling drum layout

Typical Deck Layout
   Squid fishing light
   Squid fishing machine & drum
   Reeling machine & front roller
   Squid jigger

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Monofilament Main & Branch line
Tuna hooks
Fishing Swivels
Light stick
Sea & Strobe Light
Longline Fishing Gears & Accossories
Commercial Fishing Equipment
Squid Fishing System & Equipment
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- Shaft
- Insulated connector
- Cam metal bush
- Button switch
- Key board PCB
- Power supply PCB