longline fishing gears(equipments), nylon fishing line : Linetec Korea Ind

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Fishing Net, Twing & Ropes
   Fishing net & twine
   Fishing rope
   Wire rope

Fishing Floats
   Rubber float
   E.V.A. float & E.V.A. fender
   A.B.S. float

Fishing Gloves
   Cotton glove
   Winter glove
   Vinyl glove

Fishing Boots
   Winter boots
   Fisherman boots
   Fishing boots

Fishing Wears
   Winter jacket
   Rain wears
   Fishing wader & rubber apron

Life Jacket & Ring
   Life jacket
   Life ring

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Monofilament Main & Branch line
Tuna hooks
Fishing Swivels
Light stick
Sea & Strobe Light
Longline Fishing Gears & Accossories
Commercial Fishing Equipment
Squid Fishing System & Equipment
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Fishing wader
This fishing wader offers the comfort of rubberized material with rubber boot includes rubber sole.
• SIZE : 260mm, 270mm & 280mm

Rubber apron
This heavy rubber apron offers excellent protection to working in seawater spray.
• SIZE : Standard size