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Strobe Light

Electronic Light
   Bitt light I
   Bitt light II (Replacement of
    submarine squid bulb light)

   Bitt light III (DK-3000)

Fishing Light
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Monofilament Main & Branch line
Tuna hooks
Fishing Swivels
Light stick
Sea & Strobe Light
Longline Fishing Gears & Accossories
Commercial Fishing Equipment
Squid Fishing System & Equipment
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* Watertight upto 100mtr depth.
* Re-useable by changing batteries.
* Colored lights including green, blue, white & red.
* Light will burn for months with 2 alkaline batteries.
* Everlasting LED light bulb.
* Replaceable for exisiting chemical light stick.
* Actual size : 16cm